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Account Panel

Rules of server

General statements

1.1 By registering an account on the GoldMU.pl server you declare that you have read the game rules and accept all of its points. 1.2 The GoldMU server does not have a specific duration of an "Edition". An "Edition" is defined as the moment the game starts and its termination is announced 7 days before the end of the game. 1.2.1 The administration can shut down the server at any time without informing the players. 1.2.2 All characters on accounts and the items or virtual currencies (GoldPoints, WCoins, Zen) of the game accumulated on them are deleted at the end of the edition. 1.3 In the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g. a fire in the server room or other unforeseen malfunctions, the GoldMU server may terminate the edition at any time. 1.4 During the edition, the administration may change the game configuration without giving the players a reason. 1.5 Playing on the GoldMU server is completely free, the target subserver is: "NORMAL". 1.6 The administration reserves the right to change the rules at any time without informing the Players. 1.7 The administrators of the server are: DecardCain and Pecan. 1.8 Gamemasters are in charge of maintaining order on the server, i.e. they can ban characters or accounts, or kick them from the server if the rules have been broken. Gamemasters have the ability to organise events for players. 1.8.1 Gamemasters of the server are: REGZ 1.9 Anything that may contribute to the damage of the server will result in an appropriate punishment (in the game, and even on the Forum or Discord) determined by the Administration. Examples of situations: 1.9. a) slandering the Administration or spreading rumours about an allegedly faulty server configuration, 1.9. b) advertising MMORPG services and servers in the public chat room of the game or via the /post command, 1.9. c) use of additional game-supporting software (cheats, hacks), 1.9. d) Exploitation of vulnerabilities on the website or in the game launcher for personal gain, 1.9. e) Carrying out network attacks: DDOS, packets, SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF/XSRF. 1.10. It is absolutely PROHIBITED to resell accounts/characters/objects/virtual currency for real currency e.g. PLN, EUR, USD etc. 1.11. Accounts are the property of the GoldMU.pl server. 1.12. Character names and Guild names may not contain words referring to Nazism, fascism or racism. They also may not resemble the names of Administrators and Gamemasters, or contain names similar in meaning to ADMIN. 1.13. Lost in-game items, caused by a server/launcher/website malfunction or due to an Administration error, are not refundable unless the Administration decides otherwise.

Rules in game

2.1 Vulgarity is allowed, calling players names or verbally teasing them in any chat except guild chat is not allowed. 2.1.1 Disputes within the Guild are resolved by the Guild Master. 2.2 The administration is not responsible for damages incurred by sharing your account password with third parties. Theft of your account, items is a risk incurred by sharing your password. 2.3 AFK is allowed. 2.4 PK and KS on spots and invasions and events are allowed. Spots are divided into "SAFE" marked with a green arrow, which have a guards and will kill a player with a PK, and red, where you can fight without any problem. 2.4.1 PK is not allowed at events organised by the Administration. Unless allowed by the Administration. 2.5 The Administration is not wikipedia mu. 2.5.1 Don't ask us basic things, instead use -> google.com 2.5.2. Do not ask us about game configuration, it is described in the server publication (you will find the link at the very bottom of the page under the name INFORMATION). 2.5.3. All information you need to learn about the game you can find on the centermu.pl Forum in the Server Guide section. 2.6 The use of hacks is prohibited. Hack = deletion of account without any warning and BAN on HWID and IP addresses which logged into this account. 2.7 If you notice an error that may affect the game, you are obliged to report it to the administration. Sooner or later, we will come to that conclusion ourselves, and taking advantage of such errors = account deletion. 2.8 In case of cheating during events organised by the Administration, the player may be punished by deduction of a certain amount of resets gained by him. This amount depends on the offence and is set by the Administrator. 2.9 Lack of appearance of the Guild Master who registered his guild on Castle Siege and lack of active participation in the battle for the castle will be punished with a 1-day ban from the Guild Master's account.